Temptations/Talent/and Tshirts purchased at your local Goodwill!

Believe it or not—I do have a weakness.  That one great temptation that cannot be overcome.  It attacks me in the form of clothing bins, heaped with countless possibilities, all for $.75 a piece.  I am a Goodwill Shopper.  We, Goodwill shoppers are something special (although our closets don’t always agree with us).  We are the ones that know the ins and outs of the trade of clothing bin shopping.  We hold the secrets that noone else begins to know.  Let me introduce you to the characteristics and benefits of being one of us.  First and foremost, we have extreme endurance.  We can shuffle through mountains of clothing for hours on end.  We are not distracted by the screaming children running toys into our feet; we do not let the carts and people in our way discourage our attempts. 
We also are great visionaries.  We hold up an article of clothing that some other unimaginative person discarded, and we can see how great it would look if paired with the right shirt or skirt or shoes.  Fabric, design, color, or age don’t stop us- we see possibilities in the impossible. 
Our thriftiness is another quality to be desired.  Think how much we save by buying our clothes at $.75 instead of going to the namebrand stores and putting down a $20.00 bill on each item (and yes, we do get great brand-name clothes at our Goodwills!) 
Learning from experience also sets us apart from regular shoppers; because after awhile we realize that the cutest clothes are always a size too small, and buying it anyhow in hopes of eventually fitting into it never works.  Another lesson that is learned through experience is that buying something that you sorta, sorta don’t like is never wise either; because that piece of clothing is what will keep being pushed to the back of the closet taking up space that something much better could be filling. 
Of course, clothing bin shopping teaches us the basics of cleanliness.  I mean, who really wants to wear something that has been on someone else’s body?  That’s why a sanitary run two times through the washer with the purchased items after getting back home eases the mind… (a personal shower for yourself after sorting through mounds of dirty clothes also feels great as well=) 
So yes, I am proud to put my name down on the list of clothing bin shoppers, and I encourage you to give it a try and watch the wonderful qualities of endurance, vision, thriftiness, learning, and cleanliness develop within your shopping personality!  (Because after all, this world can always use more talented shoppers like us;)


Stop and Wonder

Sometimes I have to stop and wonder if I’m using what God has given me to its highest potential?  Do I just constantly take from Him and hoard it unto myself?  God gives me health- do I use that to help the ones that are sick and dying, physically or spiritually?  God has given me friends and family- do I use that to comfort the lonely and give friendship to the overlooked, the uncool, the outcast?  God has given me sunny days- do I soak it up in myself or do I box it up in a smile and pass it on to help clear away the rainclouds in someone else’s day?  To be honest, sometimes I get the opinion that life is all about me; I seem to think that God placed me on this earth because I am just that special.  How sad, how extremely sad.  The sole reason I was placed upon this planet was so that I can praise God and help my fellow earth-inhabitants.  When I think about it like that, it kind of changes the perspective on the all-important ME, doesn’t it?  “Lord, make me Your Servant.  Take all that I am and all that I have and use it for You! Amen.”   

Well Hello!

My very first blog.  Hmm…how does it feel?-exciting and scary are two words that come to mind.  Why those two words?  Well, any new blog is exciting.  It is like a new journal, full of empty pages just waiting to be filled with thoughts and words.  (Oh, how I do love words!)  But why is it scary?  Perhaps because there is a certain responsibility that now comes along with the blog.  A responsibility to make sure that everything I write is uplifting and beneficial.  May my blog never be used as a means of slander or complaining, gossiping or lying, bragging or depression.  May my blog never be focused on me—but on Who lives within me!