Wish Upon A Star

ImageDaily Prompt: I Did it My WayDescribe the one decision in your life where you wish you could get a “do-over.” Tell us about the decision, and why you’d choose to take a different path this time around.

Do you ever look back on life and wish you could redo a past action or decision?  I often think back to certain times that I would rewrite if I had the chance – things that I wonder what I possibly was thinking and why I didn’t follow my conscience.  No, I never did drugs, get involved in an inappropriate relationship, rob a bank, or do anything “major”, but I did do something quite often that makes my heart still cry when I think of it.

I feel deep shame at the way I treated others when I was younger.  Although many think this is not a huge issue; it is, because I wonder what differences could have been made in certain lives if I would have chosen to act differently?  I wonder how much hurt was felt, how many tears were cried, and how much despair was felt- because of me- when instead there could have been joy, laughter, and acceptance.  It’s amazing the way that humans can be so cruel to another human, without even having to say a word.

My parents raised me to treat everyone equally and respectfully, to find the outcast and make them my friend.  I had this as head knowledge but not necessarily as heart.

There was one girl that I knew who came from a horrible family and was hurting deeply.  She definitely did not dress very nicely or even act very nicely.  Simply put, she was obnoxious.  She was the last person with whom I wanted to be seen.  Seriously, such a girl could jeopardize my own reputation and relationships; so I ignored her, cut conversations short, and let others know that I was not with her.

I should have known the feeling to not be in the “cool” group.  I should have known how it feels to have people exclude you from certain parties and social events, but perhaps that made me want to join their group all the more so that I could finally “achieve” and be a somebody.  Funny thing is, when I eventually was accepted, it did not feel as sweet as I thought it would feel, because I knew that it was at the sacrifice of others.

I do not know what ever happened to that girl.  I pray that someone finally treated her better than I had and was a friend when she had none.  I pray that she lives a wonderful life now and has become freed from the hurt of others, because something like that can be bondage to a person forever if there is never any healing.  Watch To Save A Life if you don’t believe me.

If God would give me a special star tonight to wish upon, I would wish that I could go back and redo all the times I purposely overlooked the outcasts so that I could “fit in”.  I can’t go back and redo my past actions and decisions, but I can determine to not repeat those in the future.  I can determine to love everyone (not just the ones that are smartest, richest, nicest, or most beautiful), even if it means I have to give up certain friendships, opportunities, and advantages.  What would Jesus do?  Well, Jesus went to the “untouchables”, the prostitutes, the criminals, the lowest-ranked on the status scale; and He turned their lives into the most lovely ones recorded in Scripture.  We have a huge power in the way we treat the ones around us.  All it takes is a smile, a word, a hug, and a little time to tell someone that they are special!


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