Some Colors In My Life

These are some of the colors that I am enjoying right now as they brighten my life with their happy hues!



Blue:  A blue and white lace scarf which I picked up at my cousin’s shop in Intercourse, Pennsylvania.  You can find more information about her shop at




Orange:  M is for Monkey by Kelly Kauffman.  An adorable children’s book written by my friend about her family’s pet monkeys they had while in Liberia.  Available at




Green:  A happy sign of Spring’s slow arrival.  The first sign of daffodils always fills me with great happiness!




Tan:  My favorite food from the local Sheetz- strawberry parfaits!




Brown:  Some great signing books.  Yup, I’m busy learning the signs for a new song which the choir will be signing.




Red:  One of my favorite hand sanitizers from Bath and Body Works!




Purple:  The vitamins which have greatly benefited my health lately- Coconut Oil, Iron, B-Complex, Fish Oil, Hair/Skin/and Nails, and Women’s Complete Ultimate Flora with 90 billion Live Cultures and 12 Probiotic Strains.




Black:  There’s nothing like those black and white keys to help soothe a stressed and crazy day.




 Yellow:  Two oldies that I recently stumbled across which are fun and only rated G.  Starring Don Knotts and Kurt Russell (two of my favorite oldie actors)! *Snowball Express has one little iffy comment at the beginning, but is completely family-friendly the rest of the way through.*




White:  White is one of my favorite colors.  White means there are many exciting adventures ahead.  One never knows the potential of a white canvas until they start to use their imagination!



What are some of the colors you are enjoying today?

May you find joy in every hue of red, orange, green, blue, black, and white which surrounds you!



One thought on “Some Colors In My Life

  1. Kristin says:

    This cheered my day!!! 🙂

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