Do You Wanna’ Build A Snowman?

Here are some fun wintery activities I’ve found on Pinterest to keep those home-from-school kids occupied.


1.  Of course- Build a snowman!  Or be creative and build whatever the imagination can create.

Cute Backyard Ideas for Winter Decorating, 25 Creative Snow Sculptures


2.  Put colored water in empty containers and set outside to freeze.  Once frozen, use the colored blocks to create an igloo.

If you live in a cold climate, this would be fun.  Save milk cartons.  Fill with colored water and leave outside to freeze.  Then build a fort or igloo.  See the site for pretty pics of the igloo at night with a light inside.


3.  Hide things at different places in the yard and then have a scavenger hunt in the snow!


4.  Blow bubbles when temperatures are below freezing for magical results.

I copied some frozen bubble tips below from

Tips for creating a frozen bubble:

  • The colder the temperature the better.  We were blowing our bubbles at -30 F but I have heard it working at -12 F.
  • Find an area that is sheltered from the wind. Even the slightest breeze will carry your bubble.
  • Blow the bubbles high in the air so that as they float to the ground they have time to freeze.
  • Depending on your temperature/weather ~ it can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few moments for the bubbles to freeze and start forming crystalline patterns.
  • We had the most success with catching our bubbles on the bubble wand.  Most of the ones that fell to the ground shattered.
  • Try blowing bubbles early in the morning or in the evening.  This is the colder part of your day and will help your bubbles stay frozen.
  • Wave your wand instead of blowing into the wand to make bubbles.  The warm air from your lungs causes the bubble to take longer to freeze.


5.  Freeze colored water in balloons and set outside.  Once frozen, remove the balloon.  The colored and crystallized spheres are gorgeous!


6.  At dusk, create designs under the snow with glow sticks.


7.  Make snow ice-cream.  Be creative with your flavors!  Recipe is at

Learn how to make homemade Snow Ice Cream with this easy tutorial.  All you need are 4 ingredients plus some fresh snow!


8.  Mix kool-aid flavors in squeeze bottles for some fun snowy yard painting.

Kool-aid snow paint is super vibrant and smells amazing which makes it even more fun for kids



9.  Once your toes are almost frostbitten, come on in and warm up with a hot-cocoa bar.

Great ideas! Different ways to make hot chocolate - peanut butter hot chocolate, vegan hot chocolate, Nutella hot chocolate and much more!


10.  Then grab some appetizer picks and roast marshmallows over unscented tea lights for evening s’mores.

You take mini marshmallows, roast them over tea-light candles, and top them with a single chocolate chip, smooshed between two golden grahams. -- ok, this is so going in my altoids tin!


11.  Fill a pan with snow and give the children paintbrushes and watercolors.  Score- you have an instant canvas!

Painting the snow indoors- so fun!


12.  Bring out a bunch of clothing, shoes, purses, toys, etc… for props and costumes for an indoor movie set.  The kids are the actors, and you do the movie recording.  Twenty years later, those home movies will be a lot of fun to rewatch!


13.  Assign each member of the family a character from a “snow” book and have each one say his/her part as the book is read through.


14.  End off the evening with everyone making forts in the family room.  The entire family will think it’s fun to spend the night in cozy little tents.

Printed Cotton Canvas Play Tent: Available in petal damask, dove damasl or antique stripe. Comes with Collapsible aluminum poles, velcro tabs to open and close the front door, and a matching storage bag. #Tent #Kids


Would love to hear your snowy-day ideas!



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