Syrian Refugees- The Newest Fad

There have been enough debates and articles on the Syrian refugee crisis.  So that’s not what this blog post is about; this post is just some of my observations over the past few months.

I can see why there are two sides on the Syrian refugee issue, because there are opposite angles that compose it.

I agree that a government should probably not be allowing a couple thousand refugees to storm the country, especially when the threat of terrorism is at such a critical level.  I find it odd that there are a flood of refugees worldwide (have been for hundreds of years), and yet it is for this certain group that we open our doors.  Why now?  Why are these people allowed more help than persecuted and displaced people in other countries?  A government’s job is to protect and provide for its own citizens first.

BUT- before you tear me apart, let me point something out.  I said that this is probably how the government’s perspective should be.  There is a different one that I am called to.  I am called to look through Jesus’ eyes.  He plainly told His followers to love, serve, and care for the widow, orphan, and stranger in the land.  As some point out, we may be killed for our good efforts.  Who knows?  But, if the government is going to place thousands of strangers in our land, we are called to love our neighbor because Christ first loved us.


Christians left and right are gathering funds, opening homes, and calling for help over loudspeakers in regard to the Syrian refugees.  Wonderful.  It truly is because most of these refugees have went through indescribable horrors, but is part of it because this current refugee crisis has become a “fad”, something popular to do?  I mean, it’s cool to help these people- just check out Humans of New York’s page if you don’t know what I mean.  Or read about how the President’s wife invited the Syrian refugee “Scientist” to join her at the State of the Union Address.

My question is, are we as quick to help ones who have lost family and homes in the destructive flooding in the southern states?  As eager to declare our feelings on ending abortions and allowing newborns to enter this country?  As willing to open our houses to the mentally exhausted and financially depleted within our churches and community?  As sacrificing in our paychecks to the orphans and refugees who are facing persecution and nightmares in lands other than Syria?

This is what Jesus calls us to- a continual life spent lifting the downtrodden, giving strength to the weak, and healing to the hurting….whether it’s cool or not!


*If you’re looking for a safe organization to donate funds to for refugees, persecuted, and displaced people, check out Christian Aid Ministries.