S.U.N.S.H.I.N.E. and an Eeyore Rain Cloud

If you are anywhere near me today, you are also experiencing this dreary weather which has been hanging over us for the past week.  So here are little ways to bring some S.U.N.S.H.I.N.E. into your day!

Savor a glass of ice-cold lemonade or iced tea.  Go ahead and make a fresh batch.  The color will add a pop to the grey atmosphere, and the taste will trick your taste buds into thinking you are enjoying a sunny warm day in flip-flops and short sleeves instead of facing another wet chilly day in sweaters and rain boots.

U– mbrellas!  Just one word, umbrellas.  Buy yourself a fun umbrella, there’s polka-dots, ladybugs, and Eiffel Towers in my umbrella collection to use when the rain showers have to be braved.  You will look great, you will feel great, and as a bonus, you will also stay dry.

N– ewsfree.  Ignore the news.  It’s just that simple; skip it.  There’s enough political and national problems to weigh you down for the next year, let alone for the day.  Take 24 hours off from it all, and let it rest in God’s hands.  Your life will feel lighter, and probably even your blood pressure will become normal again once you’re not worrying about our presidential candidates;)

S-mile because smiling is an instant mood booster.  Even if there is no one to smile at or anything to smile about, just turn the corners of those mouth upward and grin crazily.  It tricks the brain into thinking that you are happy and releases those “cheery” feelings.

H-um.  Turn on your favorite upbeat music and hum or sing along.  I guarantee it will cure those rainy-day blues.

I– nitiate and imagine something new.  There’s nothing like a dream to add some sparkle to your eyes.  Plan a weekend trip, find a way to use that talent of yours, start an Etsy shop, do a mission project, just do something to get your mind on something dream-worthy—-and it’s even better when it can be something beneficial to the Kingdom work!

N– otice those who are having a hard time keeping away from the Eeyore rain cloud and do something to cheer them up.  Pick them a bouquet from your flowerbeds, make them a cup of tea, or write them a sweet note.

E-nergy.  Shake off that sluggishness with a quick workout.  It will instantly improve your mood and help you get more done because your energy level is up.  There’s DVD and Youtube workouts you can follow.  Or just do some good ole’ fashioned jumping jacks and burpees right where you are at.

I realize that rainy days were made for cozying under fuzzy blankets while reading a book and sipping a steaming chai tea, but since jobs and life prevent that from happening, incorporate some S.U.N.S.H.I.N.E. into your day for instantaneous mood-curing and energy-increasing!

Blessings for the Journey,



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