When I was at CLP’s Writers/Artists’ Conference back in April, I was extremely glad that I had signed up to take Shari Zook’s class on “Writing from Daily Experience”.  She gave many beneficial ideas and then encouraged us to try different writing styles.  For a practice warmup, she gave five minutes during class to experiment with a style we do not use very often.  This is what I chose to write during class, and I decided to share the raw, rough draft copy with you;)

Style:  Acrostic


I am SINGLE because I am a

S ervant, called to

I nvest in the ones around me and to explore

N ew, uncharted pathways.  Lord,

G rant me the courage to touch each

L ife with unendless

E nergy that You provide.  Let me remember that

H ome is what I create with

O thers even though I am “alone”.  Keep me

O pen so that each

D ay is a new opportunity.



Blessings for the Journey,

MarJanita L. G.


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