The Snow Zoe—- in flattery of Dr. Seuss



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I looked outside-

And what should I see?

But piles of snow covering up our trees.

I put on my jacket,

My hat, scarf, and boots,

And rushed out the door with a holler and hoot.

I ran through the drifts

And flung snow ’round my head,

But then stopped as if I had been struck dead.

For there came a creature

As big as a house

With purple feathers and a yellow-toothed mouth.

“Who are you?” I squeaked

From behind the tree

Where I ran for protection from this thing close to me.

“I’m a Zoe,” it laughed,

“And I come once a year

When the snow is its highest and the cold is near.

I see you are lonely-

not a friend by your side

And you can’t have winter fun with noone close by.”

The Zoe grabbed my hand

And twirled me around

Till I flew through the air far up from the ground.

I danced with the snowflakes

And tasted ice crystals.

I skated upon the lake while I whistled.

I slid from soft branches

Like a rollercoaster ride

And all with the good faithful Zoe by my side.

We built a snowman-

I stuck on the nose

And Zoe sculpted shoes to cover its toes.

The day grew darker

And the light went away;

I knew it was only a matter of time till Mom would say,

“Come in, Laura, dear,

It is now time to eat.

Please wash up and warm up and then take your seat.”

So I looked at my friend,

And he looked at me;

And we both knew for certain that now he must leave.

“Goodbye, Little Friend,”

He started to say,

“This once a year ritual has been a great day!

No more will you see me-

I visit just once,

And come back no more to a place where I was.

But remember each snowfall

A big fluffy Zoe

Who was willing to be your friend in the snow.

And go look for someone as lonely as you

And be to them Zoe

And do as I do.

For you’ll find if you do that

Each time you’ll have fun

And have happy memories for years yet to come.”

I watched as the Zoe

Shook his long purple feathers

And then walked away to the wild lonely heather.

And I waved goodbye

To my yellow-toothed Zoe

Who taught me to reach out and have fun in the snow!

-MarJanita LaRosa

in form of Dr. Seuss


The Departure

I am one of those sentimental persons.  I can play a c.d. of Tchaikovsky, light a few candles, watch the rain falling outside my window, and start becoming melancholy about anything. 

However, I did not have to do any of that to get this sad, lonely feeling that is abiding inside of me right now. 

That happened all by itself when I started thinking about the loss of a very special friend that will be taking place tomorrow evening. 

Oh, I know she is not dying; and I will hopefully see her in a year or so; but I still can not help feeling a little depressed about the situation.

My very dear friend has been called to Grenada for the next two years to teach school.  I couldn’t be more proud of her, but I really am going to miss her.  Isn’t it funny how you take your friends for granted when you can see them every week?  A youth activity, supper together, or a sleepover were just a normal occurence.  I was so used to seeing her- that I didn’t think twice about it. 

Now I really wish I had enjoyed those times together more.  It really makes you stop and appreciate something when you know it will be taken from you.  Why is it so hard to get my brain geared to the simple activity of thanking God daily for all the blessings He puts in my life???  Why is it so easy to forget to tell my friends and family how wonderful they are??? 
 So, Amanda, if you happen to read this little post, I want you to know…. that even though I may have never told you this very often, I am so glad that God placed you in my life! 

 And I also wish you all of God’s blessings as you depart from home and enter into an exciting new journey.

“May God give you…
For every storm, a rainbow,
For every tear, a smile,
For every care, a promise,
And a blessing in each trial.
For every problem life sends,
A faithful friend to share,
For every sigh, a sweet song,
And an answer for each prayer.”