Interactive Blog Series 2

“If Only Teachers Knew”

“If Only Students Knew”

Just as I promised, here comes another interactive blog series!  All of us at one time or another have been a student and/or a teacher.  For some of us, we forget or do not realize how it feels to be on the other side of the classroom.  So go ahead, share and listen…that is the purpose.

  • Perhaps there is something you wish you could tell teachers….
  • Perhaps there is something you wish you could tell students….
  • Perhaps there is something you wish you could tell teachers and students…

Here’s your chance.

The newness and excitement of school has worn off; so now is a perfect time to refresh ourselves.  And this does not just apply to those in the classroom; the term “teacher” applies to music instructors, counselors, professors, Sunday-School leaders, home-school mothers, or anyone else who is instructing another person (whether young or old) A student is anyone who has ever learned in a classroom, studied at home, attended college, took music lessons, sat in a Sunday-School class, been a camper at summer camp….  I think you get the point!

I would love your input and wisdom.  You can contact me through my “About” page at or email me at  Leave your name— or leave it anonymous, that is completely up to you.  Do make sure you clarify if you are addressing a teacher or a student however!  Deadline for your “teacher/student” nuggets of wisdom is October 28, 2014.


To A Student:  We care about you- you have no idea of the sacrifices, costs, and time we put into making sure you learn.  We are not as mean as you think we are;)

To A Teacher:  Put some life and energy into what you are trying to teach us.  If you don’t act excited about it, neither will we!

I can’t wait to see what you’all have to say.  I’ll plan on sharing it with everyone else then on October 29 and November 3; so keep tuned!